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What is VPS Hosting?

All of us are aware of the term Web hosting but for the information of those who are new to Internet, web hosting is a service where a company provides servers and support for a website. A typical web hosting service may cost you from $4 to $200. The price of the web hosting is determined by the type of web hosting plan you choose. Generally limited plans (limited bandwidth, limited disk space, limited RAM) are less costly compared to unlimited plans.

Virtual Private server hosting: It is a new concept in web hosting and has the features of both shared and dedicated server hosting. It is neither too cheap as shared hosting nor too expensive as dedicated hosting. So what is this VPS hosting exactly? VPS hosting utilizes the concept of virtualization of the web servers. This concept is similar to time-sharing and multi-programming. In a VPS system your site has its own RAM and disk space but has to share the CPU with other sites.

So your website’s performance is dependent entirely on your CPU share which varies from company to company. But what we need to observe here is that a VPS system does not have only an extra RAM and disk space but it also has an extra feature called the ‘burstable ‘RAM. This burstable RAM is basically an extra unutilized pool of RAM reserved to handle the ‘Digg-effect’ (the condition when a website suddenly receives an enormous amount of traffic).

Advantages of VPS hosting: By now we have realized that a VPS web hosting is a middle ground for all web hosting purposes. It offers fairly good speed, flexibility, reliability and resources. You can get a good VPS hosting plan for $20 per month. Hostwinds.com is providing a very good quality VPS hosting at a competitive price of $ 17.5 per month. Unlike other hosting providers this company doesn’t oversell its VPS nodes. This U.S.-based company is very dedicated towards customer satisfaction. They offer live chat, phone support and a special emergency support. Emergency support is a new feature where customer executives are constantly working to tackle unforeseen emergency situations.