EBB Tide Spring Cove VPS What is a VPS?

What is a VPS?

A VPS (virtual private server), also referred to as VDS (virtual dedicated server), is a special server that may appear as a dedicated server to the user, but is actually installed on a server serving dozens of web sites. A single server can run multiple virtual private servers with each having its own OS that successfully runs the hosting software of the specific user. Therefore, hosting software of each VPS may include an FTP (file transfer protocol), a Web Server program, specialized applications for blogging and e-commerce, and a mail server program.

VPS is preferred by small and medium enterprises that are interested in a customized web site but cannot afford expensive dedicated server hosting. Another advantage of VPS technology is that one user can easily maintain multiple virtual servers. For instance, a website owner can use one server for a ‘dummy website’ (for modifications, testing planned updates, or for new software programs), and another server for a production level website. In fact, VPS is the best solution for all those who’ve outgrown their usual shared hosting plans, but cannot choose dedicated server due to the cost considerations.

There are several benefits that come with VPS hosting. Users can do server level customizations, which is not available with shared hosting. Users also get server level software such as CPanel, OS, and lamp. This software is important, especially if one is promoting an online store or business. The cost of VPS is very less as compared to dedicated hosting. With many helpful features, users won’t have any difficulty in managing their VPS. When using VPS, users have peace of mind that they won’t have any issues on the performance front, as they grow with more traffic, the VPS will adapt as per needs using latest available technology.

It’s really simple to upgrade to higher resource VPS with no downtime. By using VPS, you will experience convenience and reliability at its best. With extensive experience and technical knowledge, you can expect most reliable VPS’s with 99.99 percent uptime. Ability to install any applications, customize system configurations, and use server wide software to suit your needs. Complete control on system configuration and root level access bring web hosting to the next level without the hefty price tag of dedicated servers.

With custom build VPS serves, you can benefit from Enterprise class hardware equipped with RAID-10 storage capability for complete redundancy. Most of the VPS hosting plans from reputable service providers offer tons of support to the new users so that if they have any difficulty, they can be fixed without any wait. This is great because you are never sure when any issues may arise and you may need quick assistance for bringing things back to normal.

This type of web hosting helps you in gaining more access and control over your server without paying huge amounts of money. You not only save money, but also get complete access to the functionality of a server, which is something you may have wanted for a while now, and will help you in taking your business to the next level within a short time.