EBB Tide Spring Cove Thermostats History of Smart Thermostats

History of Smart Thermostats

Technological advances have revolutionized the way thermostats work; previously a person would have to physically touch the gauges and be present in the home to make changes, but that isn’t the case anymore. Instead, the thermostats can be programmed to change between heating and cooling based on temperature. Thermostats can also learn a family’s habits and react accordingly.

Going to work, or school would normally be a trivial thing. However, with smart thermostats, they are constantly sensing the presence of people passing as an indication to maintain temperature. However, after a few hours of no one present, the thermostat automatically changes the temperature accordingly to save the user money. In some cases it allows the covered area to become warmer saving on cooling costs. It can also allow the temperature to drop a few degrees in the winter and save on heating bills.

If the passive approach isn’t something of interest, there is always the option to program it personally. Literally telling the thermostat when people will be present and when they will be away. The option exists to communicate directly with the unit utilizing a user’s PC or smart phone and directly change the data. For example, if a user is changing their normal pattern and coming home early, simply log on and reprogram the thermostat with a few simple clicks. Perhaps the user is going on vacation, no problems just input the dates into the computer software (that is very user-friendly) and then tell the thermostat the desired parameters to maintain the cooling or heating. Once the data has been inputted the thermostat will maintain it independently. Should the user change their minds, the thermostat can be updated remotely from either a cell phone (with a program) or utilizing a computer with wifi. It takes the burden out of traveling. Should the power ever go out, the battery backup will continue to monitor temperatures allowing users to monitor from a distance and intervene if needed.  

Smart thermostats were created to not only help the environment but also help the user. It saves money, emissions from unnecessary usage, and provides a more regulated temperature to users resulting in more comfortable living conditions. Smart thermostats have revolutionized the way people live and enjoy their homes, making them a one-time purchase that will change the way anyone looks at their home again. With the confidence of knowing total control is in a person’s finger tips no matter where they are in the world.